What Makes Bricks Different

Bricks is owned and operated by Mandy Durante. She is a very hands on studio owner that has a true passion for dance and the impact that it makes in her student’s lives. Bricks is very proud of its amazing teaching staff. “The talent of our staff gives me goose bumps, they are a true powerhouse,” states owner Mandy Durante, “We selected a wide variety of teachers all with different dance styles and teaching techniques. We can’t wait for you to meet them all!”

Philosophy and Goals

Our philosophy is to offer a positive, rewarding, and technique based environment for our students. We aim to encourage everyone not only to grow as well-rounded individuals for their community, but also as dancers. We hope to prepare all dancers with the confidence and positive attitude it takes to accomplish any goal, whether it be a recital or future audition, to a job interview or real world situation.


Our aim is to become quickly involved in our community. We plan to work with and support the local crisis centers, local nursing homes, and various other groups. Events that our studio will perform at will include half time shows, community festivals and regional dance competitions.

What Bricks Offers You

Our students are well rounded dancers with strong technique backgrounds. Bricks provides its students with the proper tools, examples, and experiences to allow growth and progression. We are so happy to share this beautiful facility with everyone and are opening our doors to include the whole family, with our wide variety of programs.


I had no idea what class my children would like, that didn’t matter to Mandy (the owner) she worked with me to find a class for each of my children. We tried a couple of classes until we found the right fit. She wants the children to love what they do. Her enthusiasm for the children and the studio is amazing. Bricks has something for everyone.

Shelly, Mom of two Happy Bricks Dancers

Bricks is a spacious facility with plenty of room for lessons, windows for parents to watch their child’s lessons, and seating for parents (and siblings, too.) Mandy and her teaching staff are upbeat, professional, and they always put their students first! The atmosphere is whether one’s hair is pulled up property. The lessons are well organized, fast paced, and designed to teach dance skills in fun and creative ways. The instructor incorporate lots of positive reinforcement in their lessons, and the dances thrive on it. The semi-annual dance programs provide a fun focus for the student’s creative efforts, while also giving them exposure to performing in front of live audiences. Bricks is helping our daughter learn to dance, while also helping her grow into a graceful, confident young lady.

~ Happy Bricks Parents

THANK YOU and your staff for all YOUR hard work and dedication. I know that, speaking for Asher, she absolutely had the time of her life. Thanks again for giving all of your time energy and enthusiasm to all of our kids, and making it such an awesome experience!
We love you and the studio staff!!!

~ Amanda W